Business centrum

1061 Budapest, Anker köz 2-4.

Vaše kancelář v Anker Business centrum

Anker Business Center is situated in the bustling inner city of Budapest and it is designed to cater the needs of freelance digital nomads, start-ups and SMEs offering anything from an office desk and a chair through a compact office to a centrally located, easy-to-reach meeting room. Besides a conference room, cosy community spaces, well-equipped kitchens, comfortable dining rooms, office services and facilities are there to serve our tenants diverse needs. The vibrant Király street, the by now world-famous Gozsdu court or the popular Brew Dog pub next door create an environment full of opportunities to wind down after a long day in a highly esteemed catering environment. Visit us today!

Flex Offices od 220 EUR / pracovní místo

vlastní uzamykatelná kancelář nebo kanceláře připravené k okamžitému nastěhování; ideální řešení pro malé a střední firmy

  • igény szerinti bútorozás
  • 24/7 belépés
  • 360° recepció
  • tárgyaló- és konferencia termek
  • korszerűen felszerelt közös konyha

Corporate Spaces od 20 € / sqm

soukromé oddělené prostory pouze pro Vaši firmu, s designem na míru a vlastním brandingem

  • autonomy and privacy
  • on-demand meeting facilities
  • quality office management
  • customer care support

Meeting & Event Spaces od 15 € / hour

plně vybavené místnosti různých velikostí, ideální pro Vaše schůzky, workshopy či eventy

Mercury 6


1061 Budapest, Anker köz 2-4.
Ceny od 15 € / hour

Jupiter 12


1061 Budapest, Anker köz 2-4.
Ceny od 15 € / hour

Andromeda 50


1061 Budapest, Anker köz 2-4.
Ceny od 15 € / hour

Funkce a služby

High-speed internet

Bike storage

360 Reception services



Event Space

Copy & Printing


24/7 access

Virtuální 360° prohlídka

Mapa okolí

Downtown location with great transport accessibility


• METRO: M1, M2, M3

• BUS: 9, 16, 105

• TRAM: 47, 49

Nájemci říkají

“New Work Offices took care of us when we needed to move to a new place urgently. We spent only one day for moving in, everything we needed in the office was already included.”

Anna Lorak, Digital Studio

"The office has a great location in the heart of the city, and there was a good point that it has a warm and friendly atmosphere. It was also so important for us, that they understood our real needs and were so flexible during the negotiation."

Contact Points Kft

"The property service team always makes me feel welcomed and like home. The services help to bring together my business plans. A place with opportunities, that’s sure to impress my clients positively."

Vakli László, Kvinta Hungary Kft

"I love my office not just because it has an excellent location /city centre/, but it is modern, light, clean, well equipped. The staff is kind, polite and always helpful. All services are available. I can highly recommend it to anyone who likes quality. I am satisfied and enjoy working here."


"We chose Anker Business Center for the location of our office, because it is centrally located and easily accessible. Wide range of services facilitate our daily work, appropriate technical equipment and staff available in addition. Overall, we are satisfied with the opportunities offered by the office building."

Dr. Levente Tóth, Sunmoney Network

"We’ve moved to the office more than 6 months ago. So far so good! We are a start up with ambitious growth plans, so flexibility does matter to us. We rather wanted to invest into intellectual property than into e.g. furniture. It’s a fully equipped office, in the heart of the city, with a nice interior and great and helpful staff. And that’s exactly what we need! We plan to stay long."

Tamás Géczi, Managing Partner, Inspira Research

"It is the perfect choice for fast growing companies due to their flexible office services and central location. Everything is provided to create a professional work environment - even for the smallest companies."

Nguyen Gábor Loi, SolvencyLab

"Anker Business Center provides an ideal atmosphere for starting enterprises. Helpful colleagues, professional service and nice infrastructure. The work environment gives a high quality support for doing and evolving our business. It's easy to do our best here!"

Havrán Dániel, SolvencyLab

"Thank you very much for the great help we received this year. We love to be in Anker, the helpfulness of the reception has an important role in it."

Losonczy Balázs, Managing Director, ID-Pentacom Online Agency

"I was looking for an easily accessible downtown office for my newly launched hat and tiara brand. Anker Business Center was open to my approach and provided the perfect space for me. The office building has great atmosphere and is very well equipped. I can put all my ideas into practice thanks to the flexibility of the operator."

Vecsei Zsófia, Vecsei