Landlord partnerships

Make your property high-performing with New Work easier, faster, smarter.

Our goal is to guarantee the best return for your investment and give you the confidence you are in the right hands.
New Work partners with landlords to design and operate spaces on flexible terms, ensuring high occupancy rates in short period of time, minimizing risks and maximizing property value.

How you benefit?

Let easier

  • Trustworthy partner with biggest workspace solutions network in Eastern Europe
  • Proven expertise in industry
  • One window for all stages of letting and management processes
  • Own growing clients database

Let faster

  • Shorten twice the period before lease signing
  • Attract suitable clients quickly
  • Get tenant tailored quote in 72 hours
  • Save time and money with smooth workflows and procedures

Let smarter

  • Diversify your portfolio with wide range of flexible solutions
  • Meet the needs of today's workforce
  • Gain access to new tenant market
  • Reshape your property with modern design

How it works ?

We evaluate your property and select workspace solutions that fit it best
We conduct viewings and prepare customized offers in 72 hours
We market your property and quality leads to attract best clients
We ensure final lease signings in the shortest period

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