GLOBAL NEWS - How New Work is dealing with COVID-19

GLOBAL NEWS - How New Work is dealing with COVID-19

01 May, 2020

2 The coronavirus pandemic has been taking its toll on the world around us and the economy, hampering the operation of many companies. In these tough times, it is necessary to take bold and prudent steps in order to assist our Customers in their daily work. Please be assured that we are monitoring the dynamic development of the situation in all European states on an ongoing basis, and take adequate decisions accordingly so as to provide you with comfort, full support and safety.

Due to the current crisis situation, many companies have been seeking comfortable office space in top locations, securing their employees with privacy, comfort and safety. Also, we are observing a growing need to relocate some staff to places where they may work without any restrictions. Comfortable office areas are also sought by smaller companies who are striving to continue their business operations, maintaining consistency and quality of their activities.


A flexible offer

To address these expectations, we would like to inform you that we have prepared move-in ready office areas with separated offices available in different sizes. Moreover, we may provide you with a broad spectrum of rooms in various flexible options.  And most important of all: the venues are immediately available, both subject to long- and short-term lease agreements. Our tenants will be also provided with reception service including mail servicing and may rent parking places. You will find our office venues across Poland (Warsaw, Cracow, Gdansk and Lodz), in Hungary (Budapest, Budaors), the Czech Republic (Prague), Romania (Bucharest), and Ukraine (Kiev).


Safety is our priority

We would like to emphasize that safety is the top priority at the office areas operated by our company. For this reason, we have put procedures in place which are in line with the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization, governments of individual states and local authorities.


So far, we have taken a host of coordinated and multi-faced measures in order to ensure safety at our facilities:

  • Every day we keep track of the development of the coronavirus pandemic;
  • We know how to react to it;
  • Our staff provides full support to our Customers in order to ensure a safe working environment to their employees;
  • At our venues we have been disseminating information on the WHO guidelines aimed at minimizing the risk of infection with the virus;
  • We have assumed the responsibility for disinfecting shared areas, conference rooms, reception desks, doors, handles, shelves, kitchen cupboards and other surfaces;
  • Should any of our employees show any alarming symptoms, they have been informed about the necessity to go into quarantine.


In the event of coronavirus infection of a person working at our office facilities or the building in which they are located, the management may take a decision to temporarily close the building. In such a case:

  • All of our affected customers will be immediately informed;
  • Prior to re-opening of such a venue, all areas will have been disinfected;
  • Any infected person will be instructed to go home and advised to seek medical help;
  • They will be allowed to return to their work place only after confirmed recovery.